August 19, 2020

Nitrogen Pumping

Our Systems completely eliminate the need for inconvenient delivery of bulk nitrogen supplies and can remotely produce unlimited supply of Nitrogen gaseous using state of art N2 generation system.

Our mobile generation units are used for a variety of functions and applications in the construction of oil and gas wells. The applications range from Cross country pipelines, under balance drilling to the completion phase of new wells, to clean out and stimulation in work-over or intervention programs.
Our services are utilized across the spectrum of Pipeline and Facility maintenance, Pigging, Smart Pigging, Purging, Drying, Pressure Testing, Abandonment, Pre and Decommissioning.


Prior to the introduction or removal of flammable gases or liquid to/from a pipeline, vessel or pipe work system, it is standard practice to render the atmosphere within the equipment incapable of supporting combustion. There are three basic ways of purging a system with nitrogen: Displacement Purging (at atmospheric pressure), Pressure Cycle Purging and Vacuum Purging.


  • High-Pressure Jetting
  • Hot Oil Flushing
  • System Inerting
  • Foam Inerting
  • System Purging
  • Nitrogen-Helium Leak Test Detection
  • Process System Decontamination
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Pneumatic Test
  • Nitrogen Purging /Blanketing
  • Gross Air Leak Testing
  • Air Blowing


  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
  • Reservoir pressure maintenance.
  • Nitrogen floods and inert gas lifting.
  • Prevent flammable gases from igniting and protect tubulars from downhole corrosion.
  • Support drilling operations.
  • Well completion and work over.
  • Displace well fluids (in order to initiate flow & clean wells).
  • Cementing operations and controlling cement slurry weights.
  • Maintain pressure in reservoirs (maintain pressure in reservoirs that have either been depleted of hydrocarbons or experienced natural pressure reduction.)