March 20, 2017

HPX Elastomers

HPX Elastomer is designed to improve upon the properties of HP rubber by providing increased power output and reliability of the power section. Bonding strength and tear resistance at elevated temperatures were targeted

for improvement. HPX yields higher reliability, even in severe environments.


Normalized Adhesive Strength

• HPX has three times the uid resistance to water-based mud (WBM) at elevated temperatures.

• HPX rubber has 40% better uid resistance
to oil-based mud (OBM) at elevated temperatures.

  • HP
  • HPX

Normalized Property Comparison

• HPX has 10% higher tensile strength

• HPX has 50% higher modulus (stiffness) than HP rubber

• Higher stiffness will enable the power section to produce higher torque and  power output at elevated drilling parameters

HPX has 30% higher tear resistance, which reduces chunking

  • HP
  • HPX